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Chia Hui Ming

Founding Partner

Hui Ming’s core practice areas are construction law, civil litigation, corporate & commercial and estate matters.

She has extensive experience representing clients on disputes at all levels – civil courts, arbitration and adjudication proceedings.

In the sphere of construction law, apart from contentious claims, she prepares and negotiates for construction contracts as well as rendering legal advice on project management issues.

Her practice allowed her to act in projects relating to public infrastructure, energy, commercial and residential. She also works closely with key stakeholders in the construction industry, including architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, claims consultants and contractors. Cumulatively, she is able to provide effective solutions to complex construction issues.

She is equally capable in navigating commercial & boardroom matters, conveyancing, debt recovery claims, contracts, wills & estate and family law.

Hui Ming is also an Accredited Mediator with the Malaysian Mediation Centre. This added dimension has allowed her to adopt a practical and ‘common sense’ approach in facilitating many clients to prevent avoidable legal predicaments.

She has represented clients ranging from multinational corporations, public-listed companies, trust fund, high-net-worth individuals, consultants, small & medium enterprises, startups and ordinary individuals.

Notable Cases & Transactions

  • Represented a public-listed company in a highway project with a contract value of more than RM 100 million.
  • Represented a construction company to sue a public-listed company in a water treatment plant project for variation works and prolongation costs.
  • Represented a construction company to sue for works done in a project of refinery and petrochemical integrated complex.
  • Advised a construction company on a retainer basis in an electrified double track project .
  • Advised a construction company on a retainer basis in a solar photovoltaic energy generating facility project with a contract value of more than RM150 million.
  • Advised and planned the arrangement of a family estate with value of more than RM500 million on a retainer basis.
  • Defended a suit challenging the individual client’s executorship.
  • Defended a suit for a movie production company initiated by an investor for the return of the investment in a locally-made movie.
  • Represented a company for a court declaration to declare for the termination of a joint-venture agreement and claiming for the return of a piece of land in Ampang.
  • Represented the real estate negotiators in claiming their commissions owed by a real estate agency.

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